FAS says

TNP: Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) fans alleged there was no police escort, which caused them to arrive late. They claimed they were escorted last year. Can the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) clarify the arrangements for Malaysian fans coming to Singapore?

FAS: The FAS would like to clarify that no such arrangements were made for JDT fans who travelled to Singapore to attend last year's match. It is not the FAS' policy to provide police escorts for Malaysian fans travelling to Singapore to attend football matches.

TNP: JDT fans claimed they were not allowed to leave the bus for 30 minutes after they reached Jalan Besar, and were forced to sit in the buses. Is this true?

FAS: We wish to iterate that this is untrue. As there were five coaches carrying JDT fans, the disembarkation process may have taken slightly longer than usual for some of these fans because of the stringent security checks and measures in place at the Away Fans section of the stadium.

TNP: JDT fans claimed three of their five busloads of fans were denied entry despite having tickets. Is this true?

FAS: A number of Malaysian fans of JDT were denied entry as they were not holders of tickets to the rightful and appropriate fan seating sectors.

TNP: JDT fans said they were not allowed to bring drums inside, while these were allowed in last season. Can the FAS clarify?

FAS: As part of our stadium security considerations, organised fan groups may be allowed to bring selected musical instruments, if prior approval had been obtained from the FAS.

This had been communicated officially to JDT. A number of JDT fans were unable to bring their musical instruments in on Tuesday night because they did not possess the necessary clearance from FAS.