Fewer arranged marriages now

Arranged marriages are on the decline, says National University of Singapore sociologist, Dr Tan Ern Ser.

He explains: "I reckon younger generations prefer choice and the idea that the couple should be in love (first)."

It does not mean that love cannot be present or nurtured in arranged marriages, he says.

"I know of some cases that ended well. In one case, I was surprised that the man involved had been (actively) dating. But when he finally got married, it was an arranged one by his parents.

"After more than a decade, their marriage is still stable today."

In such cases, most parents want to set up their children with potential partners to ensure a good match.

"Whatever the arrangement may be, so long as (the son or daughter) has the option of deciding whether or not to take it to the next level, then it is fine," says Dr Tan.