First the hair, then the shirts

It's not just tresses.

Soccer jerseys are flying off the shelves faster than hotcakes.

The most popular? Müller (Germany), Neymar (Brazil) and Sneijder (Netherlands).

Owners of shops selling soccer memorabilia said business has been good.

Mr Kendrick Seah, 23, who works at Football Madness, said jersey sales have gone up 50 per cent since the first game of the World Cup.

He told TNP: "Customers want such a wide range of jerseys that it's almost impossible to pick out the most popular.

"If I had to choose, I'd say Neymar (jersey) is in the most demand.

"I have actually run out of small and medium sized jerseys for Germany and had to order more."

Customers don't browse the shelves choosing between different designs. They walk in with a specific player's jersey in mind, try on the size, and make the purchase. The whole process takes no more than five minutes.

A Brazilian jersey without any printing on the back costs $109 at Football Madness. Unmarked German and Netherlands jerseys cost $99. Printing of a player's name and jersey number costs an additional $45.

La Vanita at Peninsula Shopping Centre has also reaped the benefits of the World Cup, with a 30 per cent jump in jersey sales.

German jerseys have been the cornerstone of this jump. In particular, Schweinsteiger, Özil and Müller.

An unmarked German jersey there costs $80 while unmarked Brazilian and Netherlands jerseys cost $85.