Fixing the jam

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said it has taken measures to keep traffic and bus operations flowing smoothly even before the launch of the Bedok Integrated Transport Hub (ITH).

But following the jams, an LTA spokesman said further steps have been taken to help ensure that traffic continues to be eased on the roads leading to the interchange.


"We had since made adjustments to the traffic signal timings and bus operations, and will be monitoring the traffic situation closely and will continue to review for further adjustments to enhance the traffic flow," the spokesman told The New Paper.

Another possible reason for the smoothening of traffic at the ITH is that both commuters and bus captains are now more familiar with the routes.

Mrs Annie Lam, 63, a housewife, said that the delays are getting shorter because the bus captains are slowly getting used to the new interchange.

She said: "It can still be improved, but it is no longer as bad as it was during the first few days."

The LTA has also deployed staff to guide buses into the new interchange.