Food is now tastier

SUPPORT: Madam Mariah Nurkamariah Mahfar said her husband, Mr Muhammad Isbahi Diman, was grumpy when he first tried quitting, but she supported him through the experience.

Safety officer Muhammad Isbahi Diman, 29, quit smoking for practical reasons.

He had proposed to his then-girlfriend and he wanted to save money for their wedding.

Mr Muhammad Isbahi chanced upon an "I QUIT" booth in Toa Payoh in May last year.

The "I QUIT" QuitLine helped him by giving him tips on quitting and keeping records of his smoking.

He also has his wife, Madam Mariah Nurkamariah Mahfar, whom he married in March, to thank.

He had been trying to kick the habit since he met her in 2011 because she found the odour of cigarettes "very smelly".

When he tried to quit, his first two smoke-free weeks left him impatient and lethargic.


Said Madam Mariah: "I tried not to be angry when he was temperamental and I also understood he needed to rest.

"I also bought nicotine gum for him as a way to curb his addiction."

Mr Diman said that being smoke-free has turned his life around.

"My stamina has increased tremendously and food tastes better and more flavourful now," he 

His wife added with a grin: "It explains why he is getting fatter now."