If I have a big group wishing to register, do I still need to go through the individual online registration process?

For groups of more than 50, you can write to

Will there be refreshments or water provided during the walk?

There will be water points at the midpoint and endpoint of the walk.

Is there a standard attire for walkers or are they allowed to dress up?

There is no compulsory attire for the walk. Participants are encouraged to wear the official Denizen tee shirt provided when you collect the goodie bag a week before the walk. Details of the goodie bag collection will be announced later. Walkers can also express their creativity in dressing if they wish to.

Will there be any first-aid stations on the route?

There will be ample first-aid stations at the start point, end point and en route.

Must the walkers be in proper footwear for the walk?

Walkers are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes suitable for prolonged walking.

Is it compulsory for the walkers to finish the 5km walk?

The Big Walk is a non-competitive event and participants can walk to the end point at their leisure.

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