Good son, good student

After school, the filial son helps his mother at her dried goods stall in Aljunied.

"It is my responsibility. I will cover the shift so my mother can go home and rest," said Mr Nabin.

The shop closes at 10pm, so the Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) student would go to the stall after school or training and stay to the end to ease his mother's load.

Mr Guru Oly, 61, who was involved in recommending Nabin to the school for the award, said: "Nabin has a soft humility and it is a phenomenal feat for a lay runner to become a champion so quickly."

Mr Oly is assistant manager for Sports and Adventure at NYP.

Running coach Tho Yow Kin added: "Even with talent, it is impossible to achieve such high levels without hard work. Nabin also has a wonderful personality and that gets even his competitors cheering for him during races.

"After every race, he will immediately come up to me and thank me first.

"This is not something I will ask my athletes to do, so he is very humble," said Mr Tho.


Mr Nabin said the award was special to him and took the opportunity to thank his coach and team.

He added that while his parents were initially cool 
about his foray into running, they are now his strongest supporters.

Of running, he said: "I'm never going to leave it, even after I graduate from NYP."