Only three in 10 women here are satisfied with their sex lives, says a recent study.

This dissatisfaction stems from three factors: Loss of interest, inability to orgasm and low libido.

The Good Vibe study, commissioned by Smile Makers and conducted by global research company TNS in March, polled 800 women in Singapore, aged 18 to 50, on their perceptions of sexual well-being and views on self-pleasure.

The survey also found that six in 10 women are open to using a vibrator - an indication of demand in Singapore for the Smile Makers vibrators, said Watsons Singapore general manager Daniel Teo.

"Smile Makers has been a huge success and was very well received in the Taiwan market when it launched last year. Smile Makers' range of products is sold exclusively through Watsons Taiwan and Singapore store networks as well as our E-Store," he said.

"Singapore is certainly as sophisticated a consumer market as Taiwan and the new independent and well-travelled Singaporean female shoppers today definitely have a more mature disposition to such products."


Quoting the TNS study, Mr Teo said that two in three women either already own a vibrator or are open to buying it online or at a trusted retail store.

Mr Mattias Hulting, the co-founder of Ramblin' Brands, said: "Our vision is to normalise the sexual wellness category as a natural and healthy part of life, wellness and beauty care."

Asked if Watsons is worried the vibrators would attract complaints from the public, Mr Teo reiterated the "substantial demand" for the vibrators here based on the survey.

"As for accessibility, there are already many 'adult' shops retailing such products. Singaporean females feel more comfortable walking into a health and beauty retailer that they are familiar with," he said.

Another sex aid, a vibration ring called Durex Play Vibrations, has been sold in mainstream outlets for years.

"These have been retailing for some time now in supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores in Singapore," Mr Teo said.

Asked if Watsons plans to bring in similar products, he said it is open to that, as long as the products are in line with their "look good, feel great" ethos and are in demand.