The great exposé

Two men shed some light on Wilson Raj Perumal's motive in telling all.

One of them is Mr Alessandro Righi, one of two co-authors of Kelong Kings.

The other is a man who has known Wilson Raj since the 1990s. He does not want to be identified.

Was Wilson Raj trying to make money from his e-book?

Mr Righi told The New Paper last week: "Wilson has not seen a single dollar from the publishing of the e-book and he has put his livelihood and personal safety at risk by revealing the things written in Kelong Kings."

Why does he expose the others?

His friend told TNP yesterday: "I sense he's confident he will never return to Singapore. It is his character to have the last say. In a way, he wants people to know that Wilson Raj was the one who exposed the others involved in kelong activities."

Does he stand by what he says?

Mr Righi said: "When publishers turned us down because of legal worries, Wilson Raj told us to go ahead and publish ourselves, even going to the extent of proposing to take the full burden and responsibility of his revelations upon himself."

What was Wilson Raj doing in Finland when he was last arrested?

The friend said: "All I can say is that it doesn't make sense that he was there to see his family. He could have met his wife and two children elsewhere."