Group seeks to rehome her cats

The Feline Friends of Singapore was set up primarily to help the Sembawang Cat Lady with her cat problem.

They are not a registered society and comprise five independent volunteers who are friends.

Set up in October last year, the group's main aim is to help Madam Rashida Begum find loving homes 
for her cats as well as to provide 
care for the felines until they are adopted.

The Feline Friends of Singapore learnt about Madam Rashida's plight from a volunteer's mother, who lives a few blocks from her.

Volunteer Tan Peiying said: "She has been open in sharing some of her personal issues which are intertwined with the situation, to allow us to better understand her needs and constraints.

"At the same time, trust and the willingness to delegate tasks to volunteers are very important. We are grateful that Madam Rashida has entrusted us with the task of rehoming her cats."

Most of the group's adoption calls are done through its Facebook page. Volunteers also take the cats to public adoption drives and organise open-house adoption drives at Madam Rashida's home.

The Feline Friends of Singapore said that it is grateful for the support through word of mouth and social media.

After resolving Madam Rashida's problems, they hope to continue working in the animal welfare sector, based on their experience working on her case.