USEFUL: Guangyang Secondary student Natibla Lieu (right) is interested in food science and nutrition. While she hopes to apply to a polytechnic, she looks at the GO Guide for other options. PHOTO: PHYLLICIA WANG

When students from Guangyang Secondary lined up to collect their results from their form teachers, they were also handed a copy of The New Paper's O-level GO Guide.

When Besson Goh, 17, browsed through it, he said: "I didn't know there were so many more courses from elsewhere besides the polytechnics to choose from."

The GO Guide, which provides students with information and articles about various Private Education Institutions (PEIs) and their courses, was given free with yesterday's copy of TNP at 158 secondary schools.

The articles cover a range of courses from PEIs like Kaplan and PSB Academy to help students make informed choices about their future.

Besson's schoolmates, Rina Chua and Natibla Lieu, both 17, said the GO Guide gave them facts about private schools that they had not previously known.

Benjamin Yip, 16, said: "My experience during my studies is an important consideration when applying for a course in the future."

He wants to pursue science-related courses but has not decided which course he will enrol in.

He said: "The GO Guide has a lot of information which can help a person choose what he or she can do in the future."

- Chin Yong Chang