Gunmen shot marine officer in the water


The resort manager later told his guests what had happened on Saturday night, said Mr Tong Hui Leong.

Eight armed men had emerged from a motorboat beneath the resort's helipad, where a mini jetty is located.

They moved towards the resort's restaurant and passed by the lounge area, where a marine officer was sleeping.

He was captured and closed-circuit television footage shows that he was begging for his life with the gunmen.

A security guard employed by the resort was making his rounds when he saw the group of men.

He alerted another sleeping marine officer on the other side of the restaurant.

When the second marine officer went to check what was going on, the raiders saw him and fired at him, then chased him through the restaurant.

This was the first volley of shots heard by Mr Tong and his girlfriend.

During the chase, the gunmen found an Asian man hiding under a table. A few gunmen stood guard over him while the rest continued their pursuit of the marine officer.

They asked the Asian man to return to his room, and Mr Tong saw him running with a Caucasian man.

Meanwhile, the officer tried to shake off his pursuers by diving into the sea. The gunmen fired into the water and killed the officer.

That was the second round of gunfire heard by Mr Tong.

The gunmen regrouped in the lounge and took the first marine officer with them as they left on their motorboat.

Mr Tong saw bullet holes in the restaurant the next morning and found bullet casings at the walkway from where the gunmen shot and killed the officer in the water.