Have you ever been molested?

32% of 50 respodents said they have been 
touched inappropriately when on crowded public transport

"I was seating on the inner seat in the bus and a guy sat beside me. I was falling asleep until I felt something touching the side of my thigh. I woke up and saw his fingers stretching out to touch me. I tried to sit further away but he kept trying to come nearer. I then stood up. And he, too, got up and alighted."

- Miss A, 20, student

"I was standing in the train when some guy repeatedly pushed his groin into me from behind. I tried to move a little but he kept at it."

- Miss M, 23, events organiser

"I was on my way to school between the Khatib and Yio Chu Kang MRT stations, when a man in his 40s used his private parts to rub against my rear. That happened in 2010."

- Miss B, 18, student

"I felt a hand squeeze my butt in a crowded train."

- Miss N, 19, student

They didn't report the incidents because:

"I was young and afraid."

- Miss K, 19, student

"Too troublesome."

- Miss Y, 19, student

  • We are not naming the respondents to protect their identity.