He abused me too, claims local singer


Local singer Sufie Rashid, 24, has accused Mr Arif Dollah of sexually abusing him years ago when he was just 13.

He claimed the abuse lasted for about a year.

Sufie said Mr Arif was in a relationship with his mother, now 49, at the time.

The alleged abuse would happen in hotel rooms, his home or Mr Arif's home at night when his mother was asleep, he claimed.

After reports that Tegar had been cheated by Mr Arif, Sufie decided to make a police report about the alleged abuse last month.

He said he called Tegar who told him everything, including the sexual abuse allegations.


Sufie said he had maintained his silence all these years because he thought Mr Arif was a changed man.

"I also did not have the support that Tegar had. Even then, my own mum did not believe me," he told The New Paper in a telephone interview yesterday.

As a result of the alleged abuse, Sufie said his studies suffered and he was forced to live with the "trauma and embarrassment".

As he was a young boy then, Sufie said he thought it was Mr Arif's way of being "manja" (Malay for affectionate) with him.

He said he learnt to fight Mr Arif's advances by pushing him away and punching him but this only made his mother turn her back on him.

As a result, their relationship soured.

Sufie said he decided to come forward with one purpose - to help Tegar.

"Why should I still keep quiet when the news has surfaced that he has abused Tegar as well?" he said.

When asked about Sufie's allegations, Mr Arif denied them.

"I didn't do it. If I did, I would answer to the authorities. Where is the proof and why only now? Why did he not report me then?" he said.

"It is possibly a tactical move to further his career overseas."