He comforted me, then we had sex in tent


When she had sex with him for the first time in a tent at Pasir Ris Park, she did it because she was in love.

But two months on, she realised that she was just one of several women in Mr "Mahal Jat's" life.

The Indonesian maid, who wanted to be known only as Carrie, first became Facebook friends with him last October, shortly after joining the Facebook group.

"At that time, I was depressed because my then-boyfriend was cheating on me. I felt very comfortable with "Mahal" as he would always comfort me when I was down," the 29-year-old told The New Paper.

After a month, they met up for the first time.

She was smitten, but steered clear of him after that because "he had many girlfriends".

Miss Carrie said she held Mr "Mahal" in high regard because she thought he was related to migrant worker group Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (Home), convinced by the Home-related information he posted, and a photo he put online of him and a Home staff member.


The pair met again in May, after she broke up with her then-boyfriend.

"We decided to meet at Pasir Ris Park because we both like the beach. He brought a tent along. He told me he had checked the weather forecast, which said it would rain.

"At that time, I thought it was for protection (from the rain). I didn't think much about it," Miss Carrie said.

They had sex in the tent that day.

"I thought he really loved me, after we did it," said Miss Carrie.

But she started receiving Facebook messages from different members saying that Mr "Mahal" has been telling them they are sexy.

"When I found out, I got jealous and confronted him," she said.

But, she claimed, he called her vulgar names and accused her of using him.

"He told me he won't let me destroy his name or use his name for popularity.

"After that day, I got really fed up. I told myself that I will never contact this man again," she said.