He debased victims by filming rape: Prosecutor

He was "the worst serial rapist to be dealt with in Singapore".

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Andrew Tan did not mince his words when he talked about Azuar Ahamad in court yesterday.

Calling the 44-year-old former logistics executive "inhumane", he urged Justice Chan Seng Onn to sentence him to at least 45 years' jail and 24 strokes of the cane.

Azuar had spiked his victims with stupefying drugs such as Midazolam, which is listed as a poison under the Poisons Act, before sexually violating them.

DPP Tan said that by doing so, he had exposed them to the risks of medical allergies and even death.

In his submissions, he said: "The possession and sale of such poisons are regulated and restricted to qualified professionals...because they may have detrimental effects to those with underlying allergies, in overdoses or when mixed with other substances."

DPP Tan also stressed that Azuar was not wearing any protection when he raped his unconscious victims and could have exposed them to sexually transmitted diseases.

He pointed out that Azuar had "debased" his victims by recording his acts of rape on his mobile phone.

DPP Tan said: "(They) will never know if there are copies of such video recordings which continue to be in circulation, or if (Azuar) had exhibited (the clips) to others, and (the victims) will continue to live in fear of this possibility."