'He did not expect window to break'

James George Palin claimed he was "dangerously squeezed" between the victim's car and the road divider.

And at that time, Palin "gently knocked on the window" of Mr Chiang Pak Chien's car to get his attention, defence lawyer Shashi Nathan told the State Courts in mitigation yesterday.

Mr Nathan said Palin also felt "extremely resentful" that Mr Chiang appeared to be "unapologetic and seemed to show no regard for the safety of motorcyclists".

Palin then rode in front of Mr Chiang's car along Tanjong Katong Road on Nov 16 last year, stopped and alighted from his bike.

He then went to Mr Chiang's side window to talk, said the lawyer.

After both vehicles stopped, "Mr Palin intended to hit the window to get the driver's attention".

"He did not expect the window to break," said Mr Nathan.


He also urged the court to consider that Palin was wearing "thick riding gloves and a helmet when he tapped the side window".

"This would have contributed to his error in judging what he thought would have been a firm but non-destructive knock on the window," said Mr Nathan.

But Assistant Public Prosecutor Koh Huimin said the damage to Mr Chiang's side window and the injuries to the Palin's right hand indicated that substantial force was used.

There was no evidence from the footage from Mr Chiang's in-car camera that Palin was trying to get Mr Chiang's attention by pulling over to talk, she said.