He dreaded 
worse outcomes

LUCKY: Mr Gary Yeo walked away from the crash with just a bloody arm. He was banned from driving for two years and fined $6,000. - TNP PHOTO: ZAIHAN MOHAMED YUSOF

In the past, Mr Gary Yeo thought nothing of driving after a few drinks at the pub.

A crash in 2010 changed his perspective.

He was driving home alone one night after attending a nightclub launch and fell asleep at the wheel.

Mr Yeo, then 28, was jolted from his nap when his Japanese hatchback hit a kerb at Fort Road. His car flipped a few times and landed two lanes away.

The freelance photographer said: "Reality struck me only after I crawled out of the car. I could have killed myself."

The crash left him dreading other worse outcomes.


"I could have killed a pedestrian or another motorist," he said.

"People forget that after a night of partying, they are tired. The music and air-conditioning in the car can lull you to sleep. The list of things that can go wrong are endless when you drink and drive."

While Mr Yeo walked away from the crash with just a bloody arm, he failed a breathalyser test administered by the traffic cops.

Mr Yeo was slapped with a two-year driving ban and a $6,000 fine but not before the judge reminded him that he was "lucky to be alive".

His badly damaged car had to be scrapped. For the next three years, he had to take public transport before getting a new driver's licence.

"It was almost impossible to hide the reason of the crash from my parents," said Mr Yeo, who was then living with them.

"For a while, I had to endure their scolding. They reminded me that I was no longer a kid and my irresponsible act had repercussions."

Mr Yeo, who still enjoys drinking with his buddies at nightclubs, no longer drives after a night of partying.

"For $38, I can get a valet to drive me home whenever I'm sloshed," he said.