He has been in 4 other accidents

Wednesday's accident is Mr Kelvin Seo's fifth in a decade of motorcycle riding.

The 29-year-old revealed this when asked if his latest mishap would put him off riding.

"I've had four previous accidents with my motorcycle," he said.

In an incident about seven years ago, Mr Seo had skidded and fell off his bike when he tried to sweep a spider off his body. He ended up with bruises and cuts.

In another accident, he was flung off his bike after being hit by a car. He escaped with abrasions.


Mr Seo said that motorcyclists are often at the losing end in an accident.

"I hope that other riders will be more careful, as we are not as protected like drivers," he said.

"In an accident, we are the ones who usually end up getting injured."

When TNP visited the Seos' Bukit Panjang flat yesterday, Mr Seo's 24-year-old sister, Kelly, was sitting beside him.

"The entire family is worried for your safety. Please get a car instead," she told her brother.

Miss Seo said she had come home on Wednesday night to find their father sitting anxiously in the living room.

He had received a text message from his wife that their son had been in an accident. When he failed to reach her after several calls, he was left imagining the worst.

Mr Seo, who has a car driving licence, conceded that the severity of the latest accident and his family's objections have made him consider giving up his two-wheeler for a car.