He hired investigator with 'secret service' links


His wife and two children were on board Flight MH370 when it went missing last year.

Now, Mr Ghyslain Wattrelos says he has no hope that the official investigation will solve the biggest aviation mystery of all time.

He is still waiting for news about his wife Laurence, 51, his son Adrien, 17, and his daughter Ambre, 13.

Frustrated with the lack of information, Mr Wattrelos and a group of four others crowdfunded money for private investigators.

And late last year, he was approached individually by someone whom he believes will help him get closer to the truth, UK daily The Telegraph reported.

SEEKING THE TRUTH: Mr Ghyslain Wattrelos, whose wife and two children were on board MH370. - PHOTO: YOUTUBE/ITELE

Said Mr Wattrelos: "I do believe that with such a guy, I can find more things. He's very connected to, whatever, secret services, he has a lot of connections."

"If the plane was there, we would have found some debris already... For me, I have no proof at all that there was a crash, so there's still some hope."

As the million-dollar Australian-led search of a 60,000 sq km stretch of the Indian Ocean continues, Mr Wattrelos, the only European-born family member of the passengers, told the Telegraph: "I don't care about the search, because I don't believe the plane is there.

"All the experts are saying it's not an accident, so this is something that I cannot accept. How can they say that? It was anger (that I felt). This is something I cannot accept."

Mr Wattrelos said his devastation has turned into anger and a dogged determination to find out the truth.