Why is Amos Yee airing such provocative views on social media?

Two psychiatrists in private practice, whom The New Paper contacted, said based on available information, it would be speculative to make any diagnosis.

But they agreed on one thing: Amos is an attention-seeker.

Dr Brian Yeo, who specialises in child and adolescent psychiatry at Brian Yeo Clinic Psychiatric Consultancy, said: "There could be so many reasons behind his videos. They could be for publicity, for espousing his own political beliefs, or it could be that he feels he's been done wrong.

"But I will not go so far to label him with any psychiatric condition."


Dr Lim Boon Leng said in general, there are certain psychiatric conditions which may predispose some people to making poor judgements.

"For instance, teenagers with attention deficit disorder may sometimes act impulsively before thinking," he said.

"Sometimes they could be narcissistic in their personalities. They have little empathy or regard for what other people think."

Dr Lim, who runs the Dr B.L. Lim Centre For Psychological Wellness, added that Amos' previous blog posts seem to show that he is "quite rejecting of local culture".

"Sometimes, in certain families, parents are not sure how best to help their children with difficult temperaments, but don't seek help. They may end up giving in," Dr Lim said.

"If you give children too much authority and power when they are too young, they may grow up disrespecting authority and think they can say whatever they want.

"Perhaps Amos grew up in a more liberal environment and he feels that it's okay to talk about these things and speak freely."