He still insists drinks not spiked

Right until the end, Azuar Ahamad insisted that he did not spike his victims' drinks.

This indicated a lack of remorse for his offences, said the prosecution yesterday.

In a four-page handwritten mitigation form, Azuar admitted that he had taken advantage of his victims while they were unconscious.

But he said that he did not slip sleeping tablets into the women's drinks.

Maintaining that the women had instead drunk themselves into a stupor, he said: "I (couldn't) judge their alcoholic limitation ...or stop them from drinking those alcoholic drinks. They drank those alcoholic drinks freely (of) their own will."

Azuar also said that he was remorseful and regretted his acts.

Begging the judge to give him another chance, he said: "I should be allowed to rebuild my life and restart again...It's time to move on, to amend and to rebuild my life and future."