He told me to abort my baby

Miss Angel Yash Reynoso received a Facebook friend request from "Mahal Jat" in February last year.

After chatting online for two months, he asked to meet the 29-year-old.

He initiated their meetings, Miss Angel said. In May, the pair met six times, mostly near his home. They had sex that month.

In June last year, the Filipina, who had been working here for 12 years, discovered she was pregnant. But when she told him about it, the first thing he allegedly said was: "Abort it."

Miss Angel returned to the Philippines and gave birth to the baby there.

"I told my employer that I wanted to go home to rest for a while and take care of my sick father," she said. "When I tested positive, I was so shocked. I told him about it, but he asked me to take Cytotec."

Cytotec induces a miscarriage.

"I felt so hurt. I did not want to abort the baby. I'd rather die than to do that," she told TNP.

What hurt her even more was the way he denied being the father of her baby, she added.

She had held him in high regard because of his advocacy of foreign domestic worker rights in the Facebook group.

She showed TNP screengrabs of a text message exchange that she claimed took place between Mr "Mahal" and her friend who confronted him.

He had said: "I told you already I don't have anything to do with her and her unwanted child. Don't invent similarities with me."

In hindsight, she felt she should have been more cautious. She said: "I will not trust any guy easily anymore. It's just sweet talk."