He tried calling out to sister

Miss Ivon Tang, who suffered from head injuries, has no recollection of the accident.

The impact of the crash flung the siblings several metres away and left a huge dent on the car's bonnet.

Trismond, however, remembers every single detail.

He said: "I remember turning at the junction and getting hit. Someone told me that the ambulance was coming soon and not to move.

"I saw my sister lying far away and wanted to call out to her, but I had no strength (to do so)."

When asked about his future and whether he would miss riding a motorcycle, Trismond, who had wanted to become an automotive engineer, said he was just focused on his recovery for now.


He added: "I used to have many ambitions, but I'm not thinking too far ahead for now."

The siblings, who have been living apart since Miss Tang moved to Singapore two years ago, are very close. They speak on the phone for an hour every day and Trismond visits Singapore during every school break, said Miss Tang.

Their family was not aware that Trismond's Malaysian licence did not allow him to ride a motorcycle in Singapore as he is underage - riders here have to be at least 18.

Miss Tang said: "I have a licence too, but Trismond was usually the rider because he was the more 'stable' driver."