Her lover was interested in bondage, swingers' parties and one-night stands, claimed Miss Wang Jing.

The Singaporean student in China's Peking University said of Associate Professor Yu Wanli: "After we dated for a month, he started sexually abusing me. He would tie me up and take pictures and then send them to me.

"He also asked me to join a swingers' party with him but I refused," she told Lianhe Wanbao yesterday.

Miss Wang also told Beijing Youth Daily that the professor would boast of his one-night stands with women he had met online.

They also had sex in the car and a park on numerous occasions after his wife returned to their home in October this year.

Their outdoor trysts continued even as the weather turned colder, she said.

As a result, she fell ill and could not take any contraceptives. They continued to have sex during this period.

She later found that she was pregnant and was told by Prof Yu to have an abortion.


Last month, two professors in China were caught for sexual infringements.

Professor Wu Chunming from Xiamen University was dismissed for sexually harassing female students, while retired associate professor Wang Xiaojian from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute was photographed by netizens sexually harassing two female students.

On Oct 9, the Ministry of Education in China issued a regulation prohibiting university teachers from sexually harassing students or coercing them into having sex.

Offenders will face penalties ranging from a warning and demerit points to demotion, suspension and even prison terms.