More pregnant teens are seeking help from Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support (Babes).The organisation, which reaches out to pregnant girls aged 21 and below, worked with 69 girls last year, up from 43 girls in 2013 and 25 in 2012.

"We make them aware of the options they have, to help them make an informed decision with regards to their pregnancy," said executive director Shaziah Wasiuzzaman.

Babes has four full-time case workers.

Ms Shaziah said the increased number of teenage mums coming to them might be due to Babes establishing itself as a separate organisation in 2013.

It started in 2005 under the Beyond Social Services, a voluntary welfare organisation that works with the community to help children and youths from low-income families.

Ms Shaziah said: "As a separate organisation, we put a lot more focus on the issue of teenage pregnancy.

"Our case workers go out to provide support to pregnant teens and we also conduct outreach programmes to inform youths about the subject."

Teenagers who get pregnant can call Babes' 24-hour helpline at 8111-3535.