Help she has received so far


  • In Siem Reap, Elsa met a tuk-tuk driver at a bar. He took her to a hostel and paid for her to stay there for two nights. He also bought her a simple dinner.
  • While hitchhiking from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, a distance of about 320km, she met a policeman who offered to buy her a bus ticket to Sihanoukville, a town south of Phnom Penh.
  • At Sihanoukville, she heard about a group who gave accommodation and food to volunteers building self sustainable houses from recyclable materials such as tyres and plastic water bottles for the villagers. These houses have their own solar panels and water systems as well. She spent a month volunteering.


  • In Ubud, a Balinese family invited her for dinner. She stayed with them for four days.


  • A female manager from a cafe at Marina Bay Sands offered to let her stay at her place for a night to hear more about her adventures.
  • A manager at Outback Steakhouse restaurant gave her a free lunch.
  • Two teenage girls she met while asking for directions gave her an ez-link card with $10 value. She uses that card only during emergencies.
  • A woman she met at MacPherson MRT station invited her to stay at her flat in Circuit Road, where she has been staying for more than two weeks.