Her dream: Marry her love and live well

Miss Chanel Luo, who worked in a nightclub in Shanghai for three years before coming to Singapore, blames the closure of Las Vegas De'Palace for a part of her income loss. She estimates that she will lose "at least $5,000 a month".

She does not have a full-time contract with any club. Hostesses who are confident enough - they are mostly from China - strike out on their own as freelancers.

That means they can flit from lounge to lounge, without being tied down. It also means bigger bucks because the mamasans do not get a cut from the hostesses' earnings.

The earnings come mainly from booking commissions, as well as liquor sale commissions and tips from customers.

While Miss Luo does not know when exactly the other clubs - Tiananmen KTV & Lounge, Golden Million and Club Infinitude - are expected to move, she is determined not to wait idly.

Miss Luo, who is considered to be an "ang pai" (which translates literally from Hokkien to mean the more popular hostesses), reveals that she has been approached by a five-star nightclub to join them as a mamasan.

The basic package, she says, is attractive but she wants to "work out the sums very carefully" before signing the contract.

"I want to make sure that even if I cannot meet my five-million goal, I am still not too far off the mark," she says.

Another offer in the works is from a businessman "old enough to be my father" who wants her exclusive companionship for six months.

Miss Luo says: "He has been supporting me since I first started and just last month, he made the proposition and said he'd double what I am earning now."

Whichever option she picks, she hopes it will be one that allows her to return to Hubei and live comfortably.

"My dream is to marry a man who loves me as much as I love him, live with my father who can retire, and hire a full-time nurse for my brother," she says wistfully.

"I want to make sure that even if I cannot meet my five-million goal, I am still not too far off the mark."

- Miss Chanel Luo