Her memorable experiences at work

Here are other memorable K-pop stars whom translator Jessica Min has worked with


"For the Kim Soo Hyun fan meeting, it was meant to be very funny.

"I did okay for the first part. As for the second part, he made his quotes much longer so that I would have much more difficulty translating (so that the audience will laugh).

"I knew there was a segment like that, but they didn't share any content with me. They just told me that he might try to lighten the mood.

"I forgot the order of the information as he was talking about the photographs which he was showing on stage.

"He was also making a lot of sounds such as 'Bang!' and I felt very awkward as I couldn't do them.

"I apologised on stage. Because I couldn't remember the order, I was also making things up."


"He's the best-looking in person and is a big star in Korea.

"As he has been filming movies in Asia for a long time, he speaks languages such as English and Mandarin well.

"Jung Woo Sung is very serious and professional about what he does.

"Most of the time, the translation work I do is very generic, but when he was here to promote his movie, Cold Eyes, I had a deeper understanding of what went on in the movie-making process.

"The press conference and many interviews I did with him were a lot more serious and once in a while, I enjoy these deeper conversations."


"Usually for concerts, the singers would talk on stage and I would be translating for them backstage.

"Lee Hong Ki wanted me on stage and he made it very interactive, funny and entertaining.

"Sometimes, when the stars are nice enough to set the tone, I'll try my best to set the same tone.

"Korean jokes may not sound funny in English, so when he started calling me 'English teacher', that was a lot easier for me (to be funny)."