Her mother described Miss Angeline Yap's anorexia as "a living nightmare".

Mrs Yap, 59, who declined to give her full name, said: "Even as her mother, I could not recognise her."

She said Miss Yap began to lose weight drastically during the June school holidays when she was in Secondary 3.

"In the first week, I didn't notice anything. By the fourth week, she looked like a walking skeleton. I could not imagine that it was my daughter," she said.

She added that the family had spent about $40,000 on Miss Yap's treatment.

Mrs Yap, who is a teacher, recalled the years as a "very dark period for the entire family", as their relationship was tested.

She said: "She became a very different person. I panicked and was afraid that she would die. I felt frustrated when she threw away the rice I tried to feed her."

Asked how she felt when Miss Yap was in hospital, she said: "Words cannot describe what I felt. I would just cry.

"I love my daughter very much and I'm very glad that she is well now."