After she became intimate with her teacher, the girl became conscious of her looks and she started to diet.

The stress of school and keeping their relationship secret also took a toll on her.

When he got married, she became depressed and suicidal. She felt angry and scratched herself till she bled.

During their relationship, she suffered psychological distress, harbouring feelings of disgust, guilt, shame and self-blame, with "strong intrusive memories of the (sex) acts".

In November, she was admitted to hospital for medical complications and being a suicide risk.

She was diagnosed with "major depressive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and anorexia nervosa".


The accused and the victim kept in touch with text messages after his marriage and during her time in hospital.

In one of their chats, she asked him if she could tell the doctors and therapists about their relationship.

He agreed that she could do so if it would help her recovery, but told her not to reveal too many details that would identify him.

He later changed his mind and asked her not to disclose their relationship as the police would be alerted and this would hurt his family and career.

But she later told her therapists about the incidents. Her father made a police report on Feb 6 and the accused was arrested the next day.

He was suspended from his job on half-pay three days later and resigned in March.

The victim has taken a year off her studies to recover from her psychiatric condition.