Teo Dennis (TD) The youngest you try how old

Chan Chun Hong (CCH) You? Haha 18 is good.

TD 18 or 19. You never try younger then (sic) 18, thought you said younger then (sic) that...... lol

CCH Censored leh. Haha

TD Ok then, censored here then tell me more when we meet. Must be juicy story.

CCH Yes :)

TD Ok, can let me have your account. 1k including my air ticket or everything

CCH It is including air. The airplane ticket is not expensive. The food is cheap there too. So only the hotel and girls are the higher priced ones. (He gives his bank account number.) Hope we can explore more places together too after tat :)

CCH (in an e-mail) Wow. I just saw a Chinese sporean 15 year old girl crossing the road. Very cute, very fair skin and baby face. Just wearing a pink spaghetti strap top and shorts with slippers. Wear so simple but looks so sexy and appealing. My god.. Youth is really a very good advantage for girls!

CCH (Sends a few pictures to TD) U think this girl is cute?

TD Yup, good, you try before or this one is arrange for

CCH Haha. I never try her before la bro. Not so lucky. This one is S'porean. Cannot touch one.

TD Why you got her pic, you know her or what.

CCH Found her pic online. I think she is 15.