His willpower and courage is admirable


I read with admiration the report "True Grit, Bankrupt tour agency boss picks himself up" (The New Paper, Aug 4).

For a person who was once in the upper echelons of society, the transition to doing manual work is not easy.

Whenever my relatives and I wished to have a holiday in neighbouring countries, Five Star Tours was the place we would book our tickets.

It is gratifying to see that the folding of the tour agency has not deflated the former boss' willpower and determination to strive on.

Mr Ken Lim Cheng Chuan has not allowed himself to succumb to the financial fiasco, and is not embarrassed to be featured on his current work.

It takes strength and courage to weather through this crisis, which has also taken a toll on his family.

Perhaps such resilience is distinctive in people who have gone through Singapore's formative years, where life was tough and posed challenges even for basic subsistence.

I hope Mr Lim will keep the entrepreneurship flame burning in his bid to recoup his former lustre.