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Singapore is home to:

1,410 species of plants

360 species of birds

250 species of hard corals

The Government has:

More than 200 projects to landscape urban spaces and high-rises since 2009

Completed 22 projects to improve the cleanliness and beauty of our water network

Today, we have:

24-km rail corridor

150km of park connectors known as the Round Island Route

60ha (or 84 football fields) of skyrise greenery

20 nature areas, including two new ones

By 2015:

More than 60km of nature ways

By 2020:

360km of park connectors

By 2030:

900ha of reservoirs

100km of waterways for recreational activities

400 Dual Use Scheme school facilities, which are open to public use

5 regional sports centres

1 sports and recreation facility per town

1 Singapore Sports Hub