How rapist worked


Serial rapist Azuar Ahamad, 44, was caught after he was surprised by his intended victim's boyfriend, who was keeping an eye on her.

The insurance agent became drowsy after drinking a cup of drugged coffee that Azuar had given her at their meeting.

Her boyfriend, who was sitting at another table, confronted Azuar, who was arrested by the police.

In sentencing Azuar, Justice Chan Seng Onn said his offences came to light only by "sheer luck" due to this incident.

The woman, who had not been sexually assaulted, testified in court against Azuar, who had adopted various personas and lied about his personal details to meet his victims.

He would portray himself as a working professional to induce his victims to continue communicating with him online.

During their meetings, usually at a place of his choosing, he would drug the women with spiked drinks.

When his victims lost consciousness, he would take them to a hotel and rape, sexually assault or molest them. He would also film the acts.

His victims would have no recollection of what had happened when they woke up.

Azuar would pretend that he had helped them home or cleaned up after them when they were intoxicated.

The prosecution said this was "a well-conceived and cunning modus operandi to lure his victims and commit offences against them".