• She has a better figure... ...she is better endowed
  • She is younger than I am... almost 10 years
  • She drives luxury cars...
...I ride bicycles
  • She is from China...
...I am from Singapore


The 32-year-old Singaporean is better known by her Chinese name Guo Meimei in China, where she is based.

The home-grown singer first shot to fame in 2005 with her two singles, Mice Love Rice (above) and Don't Be Afraid, while hiding behind a caricature.

The following year in Taiwan, she revealed who she was with her debut album No More Panic.

Media outlets then speculated that Kok was groomed to replace her former record label's top artist Stefanie Sun.

Kok bagged many newcomer awards with the album, including the Most Promising New Artist Award (Taiwan) at the third annual Music King Final Award.

Earlier this month, the petite singer released her fourth album.


The blogger, 23, who goes by the online name Guo Meimei Baby, gained notoriety in 2011 when she bragged about her posh cars - a white Maserati and her boyfriend's orange Lamborghini - and her imported Hermes handbags.

The Chinese national also claimed to be managing an organisation under the Red Cross Society of China.

The scandal dealt a blow to the state-run humanitarian organisation's reputation, causing a huge drop in donations due to concerns over embezzlement of funds.

Ms Guo, whose real name is Guo Meiling, would regularly post updates, like her account balance of 5,137,869,875 yuan (S$1,061,088,206).

Rumours were rife that she had worked as a call girl to get her wealth.

Then, in an attempt to get back into the limelight, Ms Guo faked reports of herself incurring a 260 million yuan gambling debt in Macau.

In July, she was arrested for participating in gambling during the World Cup and organising other gambling activities. Her last post on her Weibo account was on July 7.