Money is also earned when a reader clicks on an ad that is placed on the web page.

Online advertiser Khairul Azman, 28, says that 30,000 clicks on the ads can earn a site $15,000 monthly.

He explained: "If it costs advertisers $1.50 for every click they get on their ad, conservatively, you can expect the site that hosts the ad to earn 50 cents of the amount.

"However, the amount a website earns for hosting an ad varies from site to site." said the automated system used by website valuation tool has TRS earning US$7,918 (S$10,787) while claims TRS earns US$11,619 monthly.

Another similar site, MCJonline, claims TRS' monthly revenue is US$30,690.

The different sites base their findings on different aspects including the domain's age, amount of daily unique views, daily page views and search indexed pages.

The number of each is then applied to their own range of mathematical formulas to get the result.


Mr Khairul said: "Some sites gauge based on clicks while others gauge on views - it all differs based on varying mathematical algorithms."

The TRS Facebook page is clearer. It has over 412,625 followers and most use that as an entry point to the website.

In the quest for more numbers, some websites produce fake stories. Others just fake the number of followers they have.

In December, Instagram purged millions of followers, including those of celebrities, because it emerged some were fake accounts.

Social media and international communications expert, Mr Lars Voedisch, said of the fakes: "You are cheating the people who advertise with you and you're cheating readers to make it seem like you are more influential than you actually are."