Hubby: Inappropriate men? No bother to me

Her curvaceous body and alluring dance moves often get unwanted and inappropriate attention when she and her troupe perform at events.

Madam Susan Shu said: "I've had men trying to take inappropriate photos of us while we perform and some even tried to touch us."

But her husband, Mr Bernard Koh, 47, laughs off these incidents.

The managing director of a corrosion protection company said: "It doesn't bother me. She's very talented and I think my wife is beautiful. I'm very proud of her."

He said he strongly believes in letting her do what makes her happy and supports her in whatever she does.

The couple met in China in 2002 when Mr Koh was handling clients in FoxConn, the company that makes Apple products.


Their two sons, Zi Xuan and Zi Rui, aged seven and one respectively, have shown an interest in dancing.

As Madam Shu watched Zi Xuan dance "The Robot" and his hip-hop dance moves, she said: "I'm so thankful to dance and for my family's support. I've grown to love Singapore's culture. Everyone has been very kind to me."