Husband says: 'I live day-to-day'

Mr Mazlan Abdul denies living the good life and claims it has been hard since he left his family two years ago.

Speaking in Malay, he told The New Paper last Saturday: "I have been living day-to-day. I'm a survivor.

"Sometimes, I have to borrow $20 from my sister. I live with friends, on the beach or wherever. "

He admitted that he went to a Bollywood club last Wednesday for a friend's birthday party.

"I just wanted to see my friend and enjoy myself. If anybody invites me, I will go," he said.

He also admitted that he had borrowed money from loan sharks and legal moneylenders.

Mr Mazlan said that he misses his children every day. He used to take them to the playground or pick them up from school.

"She (his estranged wife, Madam Rafeah Abdul Kadir) doesn't allow me to see them," he claimed.

"If they talk to me or visit their grandparents, they will be scolded when they get home.

"It's sad when my own children ignore me when we bump into each other."

But his 17-year-old daughter, Haliza, said it was her father who ignored her when she saw him and his girlfriend in the neighbourhood a few weeks ago.

She said: "They walked past me as if I were a wall. I know we both saw each other."

Madam Rafeah said Mr Mazlan is allowed to see the children provided the meeting is supervised.

His parents, who live in the same block as Madam Rafeah in Hougang, said they have not seen their grandchildren in five months.

They claimed their daughter-in-law was lying about not getting maintenance payments.


His mother, who declined to be named, said: "Mazlan gave her money but she claimed otherwise. Now he doesn't give her because he is fed up. It is not our business to intervene but I have advised my son that they are his children after all."

Madam Rafeah denied the allegations, saying that the maintenance payments are on Giro so "there's no way to lie".

Mr Mazlan, who earns $1,200 a month as a cleaning supervisor, admitted that he has not paid his wife since April this year, blaming it on financial issues.

He also claimed he learnt about his outstanding arrest warrant only when he was arrested in Geylang on the way to work on Oct 17.

Mr Mazlan, who is out on bail, claimed: "I tried to explain to the officers that I didn't know about the arrest warrant because she (Madam Rafeah) didn't tell me about the letter."

The couple are due to appear in Family Court tomorrow.

Sometimes, I have to borrow $20 from my sister. I live with friends, on the beach or wherever.

- Mr Mazlan Abdul