'I don't know a Mr Than'

The names on letters that were addressed to Mr Hartono's flat led The New Paper to a flat in Tanglin Halt.

It is believed to be where Mr Than's family is staying.

But one of the owners, who wished to be known only as Madam Leong, told The New Paper that she did not know a Mr Than Soon Choi.

Even when we showed a photo of Mr Than during our visit last Wednesday, Madam Leong insisted that she did not know him.

A young woman then told us that they did not wish to be interviewed.

A TNP check revealed that the Tanglin Halt flat is owned by two people - a woman with the surname Leong, and a woman with the surname Than.


A check with the Registry of Marriages showed that Mr Than Soon Choi is married to a woman with the surname Leong, who was listed as the flat's owner.

When TNP visited the flat again last Friday, the two women declined to be interviewed.

When asked if Mr Than was living there, the same young woman asked: "What is the issue now?"

She declined to comment further when told about the incidents in Bangkok.

The neighbours told TNP that they have never seen an old man living with the family.