INVESTIGATOR: "If we do this World Cup match, how much is it going to cost us?"

CHANN SANKARAN: "Usually, this kind of big matches, it's about 400,000 euros. First, 100,000 euros we need to show the players. This 300,000 euros is for betting... For us to place the bet."

INVESTIGATOR: "How do we move money from Singapore to Jakarta where my boss is?"

CHANN: "Each person can bring $30k. So you have 2 persons - $60k. Then I will bring some, $80 to $90k, because I have ever bring (sic) 100,000 euros to Africa."

INVESTIGATOR: "Is Mali your team?"

CHANN: "I got so many teams. Malta (and) most of the African teams, I got contacts. Mali, I got contact. I can arrange a tournament also."