'I'm not afraid 
of being mushy'

STILL IN LOVE: Mr Rajendran Rammiah and his wife, Mrs Nalini Rangasamy Rajakrishnan, have been together for more than 20 years. - PHOTO COURTESY OF MR RAJENDRAN RAMMIAH

Every year, he makes his wife, Mrs Nalini Rangasamy Rajakrishnan, 46, breakfast in bed and a handmade card for their anniversary.

But for their 20th anniversary last year, renovation contractor Rajendran Rammiah, 53, decided to surprise her.

Says Mr Rajendran: "Oh, expectations do get higher and higher every year.

"I wanted to celebrate all the times we had together. So last year, I thought of doing something really special."

His plan had many steps.

First, they went for a romantic evening stroll on Sembawang Beach - with some family members.

In the distance, Mrs Nalini spotted a tent that her husband had set up.

Underneath it was a candlelit meal that he had prepared on fine tableware and decorated with flower petals.

As they had their meal of chicken beehoon, Mr Rajendran gave his wife flowers and, of course, another handmade card that read, "Celebrating 20 years of amazing fantastic love!"

It took him a week of preparation, stealthily moving tableware, food and furniture from their home to his van.


He says: "It was a lot of work. It just feels good to know that someone appreciates the effort, especially if that someone is the love of my life.

"She was really excited that I did all this for her."

It was the perfect setting, as their anniversary coincided with Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year.

"After the meal, we went for a private walk on the beach to watch the sunset. She held my hand," he recalls.

"In the distance, we could also see the lights from Johor. There were also fireworks from the (Chinese New Year) celebrations."

Mr Rajendran met Mrs Nalini through a friend.

Over the years, he fell deeper in love with her, he says.

"I'm not afraid of being mushy. Other Singaporean men can be romantic too, even though some might not think it," he says.

He claims that they have never fought over their 20 years together because both sides always talk it out.

"The trick is every now and then, we ask the other party if we take each other for granted, and then work it out.

"I can't be complacent. I do these romantic things for her out of love."