Jem's woes

Yesterday's incident was the latest in a series of unfortunate events since its opening last year.

Delayed Opening:

The mall was slated to open for business on June 11 last year, but the grand opening was delayed for four days due to the lack of required fire permits.

The grand opening also experienced a few hiccups surfacing from a faulty escalator and air conditioning problems.


Two fires broke out at the shopping mall within a span of four days last year.

The first fire occurred in the Fairprice Xtra outlet on Aug 14, when a deep fryer unit burst into flames, injuring three workers.

Four days later, on Aug 17, another fire broke out when a car in the underground carpark burst into flames. Thousands of shoppers were evacuated.


A burst water pipe on the first-storey ceiling of the shopping mall caused the entire section of the ceiling to collapse and cause a flood. Three women were sent to hospital with minor injuries.