Job crucial in ensuring ex-inmate does not reoffend

Ex-offenders are given a list of numbers they can contact, said Desmond.

But not everyone can put his or her pride aside to seek help, he said.

"It's not a bed of roses once you are released from prison. Your money will run out if you don't have a proper job and you could turn back to crime.

"For the sake of my family, I was not shy this time and approached everyone I could to seek help."

Miss Asher Tay, 24, (above) his case manager from the Singapore After-Care Association (Saca), said Desmond was a "success story".

He approached the association two months before he was released from prison.

They helped him find accommodation and employment.

Miss Tay said: "Desmond had initiative and was clear about meeting his goals."

She said a stable job and financial stability is crucial in ensuring that an ex-offender does not go back to his old ways.

"He needs to contribute and become a valuable member of society. Once he feels a sense of belonging, he wouldn't want to jeopardise that."