Jogging at night? Don't do it alone

BE SAFE: Experts advise woman joggers to have a companion if jogging at night. - TNP PHOTO: JEREMY LONG

For their own safety, women who jog in parks at night should try to avoid doing so alone.

Lawyer and former policeman Luke Lee said they should jog with at least one or more companions as there is safety in numbers.

Mr Lee, who used to be an investigator specialising in rape cases, added: "Singapore's parks are generally safe. But to be safer, women should stick to well-lit areas and avoid the dark corners."

Gender equality advocacy group Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware) stressed that sexual assault or rape is never the responsibility of the victim.

It said: "Sexual assault is always the fault of the rapist, no matter what the victim was wearing, how she was behaving, how much she had to drink or her sexual history."

It also said that most cases of sexual assault are committed, not by strangers, but by people known to the victim such as boyfriends, husbands, co-workers or friends.

What should women do if they are raped?

Former policeman Davy Chan, 67, said they should inform the police immediately after the assault.

The Police Gallantry Medal winner, who is now a security consultant, added: "They mustn't change their clothes or take a shower.

"Doing so can wash away important evidence like body fluids that can help the authorities with their investigations to nab the attacker."