Joseph Nair works as an editorial photographer, stringing for The Business Times, AP and others. His 2006 work Blank was a solo show at the Month of Photography 2006, and in 2007, was published in Amsterdam/London as part of a select global thought collection, The Pars Foundation - Findings on Ice. 

Simon Ker is The New Paper's chief photojournalist. He attended the Seventh Electronic Times Photojournalist course in San Francisco and had a short working stint with the Los Angeles Times and San Jose Mercury News. He has also covered several major events, including the earthquake in Taiwan and the Gulf War.

Jean Qingwen Loo is an independent photographer, producer and writer. Her recent projects include a travel journal for the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti in Tanzania and Dear Thuriya, a solo exhibition at the Esplanade. She recently partnered the Lien Foundation to produce After Cicely, a short film and campaign celebrating Asian women in palliative care. Her website is at