Mr Ted Chen, 29, is a portrait and editorial photographer. A former photojournalist for The Straits Times, Mr Chen does documentary work, travelling to the Philippines and Indonesia to capture social projects that help the less fortunate. He started the agency Lines & Light, specialising in architectural photography.

Food photography is an obsession for Mr John Heng. He has since been featured in a number of publications, including Time magazine. When the 33-year old is not shooting food, he can be found at local hawker centres. His website is at

Mr Seah Kwang Peng left his job as a civil engineer to become a photographer. He was with Lianhe Zaobao for most of his career and joined The Straits Times in 2012. His most fulfilling assignments have been the photo essays on people with disabilities and capturing the water supply problems in rural areas in Yunnan, China, in 2010.