Please let this be temporary insanity on SM Entertainment's (SM) part.

This was the online plea from many Girls' Generation fans who could not come to terms with Jessica Jung's sudden departure from the group.

Those who had her as their "bias" - the term used for one's favourite member in the group - were devastated.

Local fan, student Alec Tan, 18, told The New Paper: "It's heartbreaking to see Sica having to leave the team. After all, Girls' Generation would not have come so far if not for every member's contribution.

"I hope this is a temporary arrangement and Girls' Generation will be back to what they were after Sica has settled down with her fashion business."

Tutor Sulin Lim, 23, said that even if it were true that Jung was getting married, SM should not "punish her for finding happiness".

She said: "What will happen when every member wants to settle down? Do we discard them all?"

Full-time national serviceman Muhammad Amirul Pa'at, 21, said: "I'm shocked, devastated and in disbelief. It's like the news just appeared out of nowhere.

"But I'm hoping for the best for Jessica and Girls' Generation."

Some netizens directed their anger towards SM while others were disappointed in their idol.

Wrote superjaaaa: "(To SM) All nine girls recontracted with your company. And just because Jessica has dreams not related to music, you're dropping her like a hot potato?"

Wrote orangethecarrot: "This is inexcusable. SM does not know what loyalty means."

One netizen, vrod187, blamed Jung, saying: "Jessica is not the innocent victim here. She was only thinking about herself."

"What will happen when every member wants to settle down? Do we discard them all?"

- Tutor Sulin Lim