Keep an eye out for drunks

Quarrels and scuffles are common in every club, said Ms Daisy Morgan (above).

She has 15 security staff on the lookout for problematic customers at all times.

"We write down every patron's name and NRIC. That way, we remember their names and faces when they enter," she said.

Patrons who go in a group must take a group photo before they are allowed into the club.

"This way, if something happens, we have pictures of the group and who they came with," Ms Morgan said.

She would approach drunk patrons with a canister of lime juice so they can drink and sober up.

If they continue drinking and cause trouble, they will be asked to leave.

From Oct 1 last year, tenants at Clarke Quay, just across the river from Club Villa, cannot sell alcohol after 3am on Sunday and weekdays, and after 4am on Saturdays and the eve of public holidays.

This was put in place after reports of drunken behaviour in the area.