Kong Hee on his co-accused

The prosecution began its cross-examination of City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee yesterday afternoon.

Here's what Kong HeeĀ said of his co-accused when asked.

Chew Eng Han

One of the key leaders in the church. He ran the businessmen ministry, the marketplace ministry in City Harvest Church.

I'm close to him, but as a pastor to a member. When it comes to investment, he's the expert.

I love Eng Han. I appreciated him. He's a very good member of the church. He was.

Tan Ye Peng

He was the No. 2 person in the church - the deputy senior pastor.

He would be my No. 2 person for the Crossover Project only to the extent of the secular music production, promotion in Asia and then in the US.

But he wouldn't be my No. 2 person when it comes to the missionary aspect.

He's a very reliable and honest man.

Serina Wee

I knew Serina as one of the fervent members in the church who came as a rather young girl during her teenage years.

I would see her on Sundays as a musician or a singer on stage.

Serina did the accounting for the Crossover Project team, helped me scrutinise the budgets and check for errors for the budget while helping out the Xtron directors with the firm's overall budgeting.

John Lam

He is a pillar in the church, in the sense that he's a very faithful member for many, many years

John was an ex-staff that I was close to and then when he went out to have a secular job, I would see him in board meetings and weekend services.

He (was) a respected member of the board, especially on financial matters.

Sharon Tan

(My) relationship with her was more of employee of the church. I'm her pastor as well. (There was) no reason to be unhappy with her work as the finance manager.